HOUND offers a variety of sizes in harnesses, leashes and collars to comfortably fit dogs - from the miniature to the giant.




Please refer to Collar sizing, the same measurements apply.



A properly sized collar should allow two fingers to snugly fit between the collar and the dog's neck. 


XXS   Neck Measurement in inches: 6-10" 

XS     Neck Measurement in inches: 9-12" 

S       Neck Measurement in inches: 11-14" 

M      Neck Measurement in inches: 14-17" 

L       Neck Measurement in inches: 17-20" 

XL     Neck Measurement in inches: 20-23" 

XXL   Neck Measurement in inches: 23-26"  




To size your pup, simply measure their Girth. This is the circumference around the largest part of their ribcage and around their back. Please see the diagram below. Measure your pup with a snug, tight to the body string or measuring tape.




Size 0   - Girth of 10-11" 

Size 1   - Girth of 11-12" 

Size 2   - Girth of 12-13" 

Size 3   - Girth of 13-15" 

Size 4   - Girth of 14-16" 

Size 5   - Girth of 15-17" 

Size 6   - Girth of 16-19" 

Size 7   - Girth of 18-20" 

Size 8   - Girth of 19-22" 

Size 9   - Girth of 21-24" 

Size 10  - Girth of 23-26" 

Size 11 - Girth of 25-28" 

Size 12 - Girth of 27-31" 

Size 13 - Girth of 29-34" 

Size 14 - Girth of 32-37" 

Size 15 - Girth of 35-40"



We are happy to assist you with customizing our product! We can interchange any width and length at your request. For a small fee we can also extend the length of any of our collars and leashes.  Please email to arrange your customized set. All custom orders are a Final Sale, no refunds or exchanges will be provided on these items so please measure carefully.