The handmade Knotted HOUND Harness is a clean, stylish approach to walking on a harness. 2 simple straps, 2 gorgeous knots, and the iconic 18k gold plated HOUND bar in 2 visible spots.

This is a step-in style harness. Simply lay the harness on the ground, have your pup step their two feet through the gap, then lift the straps on either side of the body to fasten the buckle across the back! Done! 

Add a front-clip option if you'd like as well to help with pulling! The Front-Clip is a second Leash attachment spot added to the Chest of the harness. It's an awesome tool for controlling heavy pullers during walks! By adding a Front-Clip, your harness will still come with the traditional back clip as well. 

To size your pup, simply measure their Girth. This is the circumference around the largest part of their ribcage and around their back. Please see the diagram below. Measure your pup with a snug, tight to the body string or measuring tape. 



Size 0   - Girth of 10-11" 

Size 1   - Girth of 11-12" 

Size 2   - Girth of 12-13" 

Size 3   - Girth of 13-15" 

Size 4   - Girth of 14-16" 

Size 5   - Girth of 15-17" 

Size 6   - Girth of 16-19" 

Size 7   - Girth of 18-20" 

Size 8   - Girth of 19-22" 

Size 9   - Girth of 21-24" 

Size 10  - Girth of 23-26" 

Size 11 - Girth of 25-28" 

Size 12 - Girth of 27-31" 

Size 13 - Girth of 29-34" 

Size 14 - Girth of 32-37" 

Size 15 - Girth of 35-40"


Please allow up to 15 days for your piece to be crafted by hand. Trust us, it's worth the wait!