Mango Jellies Harness
Mango Jellies Harness
Mango Jellies Harness

Mango Jellies Harness

Waterproof - Anti-Stank- Washable 

Made to look hella cute no matter what your pup's style of play is. Swim in the lake, the ocean, the pool, the mud puddle (we don't judge) - then wash off! Super soft, non-sticky Jellies are made for adventures! 


The Knotted Harness offers a super comfortable, tailored fit that works well on ALL breeds of pups! All of our harnesses offer a back-clip attachment spot for your leash that sits between the shoulder blades. If you'd like to add a 2nd leash attachment spot on the chest of your Harness, choose YES from the dropdown menu. The Front-Clip is an amazing tool to help with pulling on walks!  


Our harnesses are a step-in style! Simply lay the harness on the ground, have your pup step their front two legs through the opening, and fasten the harness buckle across their back. Voila! You're ready to walk! 

To size your pup, simply measure their Girth. This is the circumference around the largest part of their ribcage and around their back. Please see the diagram below. Measure your pup with a snug, tight to the body string or measuring tape. 



Size 5   - Girth of 15-17" 

Size 6   - Girth of 16-19" 

Size 7   - Girth of 18-20" 

Size 8   - Girth of 19-22" 

Size 9   - Girth of 21-24" 

Size 10  - Girth of 23-26" 

Size 11 - Girth of 25-28" 

Size 12 - Girth of 28-33" 

Size 13 - Girth of 33-38" 

Size 14 - Girth of 37-42" 



Individually hand-crafted in Toronto - Waterproof PVC fabric - Solid brass hardware


Please allow up to 15 days for hand-crafting before shipment