About Us

We are HOUND! We're so happy you came across our page. HOUND is a trend-inspired collection of dog wear for the style conscious consumer. We make seasonally dictated and luxury items for dogs, enabling you to represent your dog the way you represent yourself. 

HOUND takes current season trends, colours, fabrics and concepts and translates them into wearable pieces for pups. Nothing kitschy - just true style (finally!) for dogs. We hope that people add HOUND to their wardrobe the same way they'd pick out a new handbag or pair of shoes. We complete your look - from head to HOUND.

We are based in Toronto (Ontario, Canada!) and complete every step of the HOUND process right here! The farthest we venture from home is to neighbouring Montreal to have our iconic Logo Tags and Charms hand-cast. We love what we do, and our dedicated team of fashion obsessed, dog loving people is constantly striving to create more unique, stylish and trendy pieces for you to add to your wardrobe. 

HOUND is sold exclusively online through this website. This is the only place to purchase genuine, handmade HOUND accessories. We've been online sharing our products with you for exactly 2 years now!

Have a look at our products & Look Book! We think you'll find a piece or two your wardrobe is craving. xoxo - The HOUND Team